Is Geothermal Energy Renewable ?

Is Geothermal Energy Renewable  ?

  Is geothermal energy renewable as a fuel supply source is often asked and the simple answer is -YES. Basically while the sun is there, providing heat to ensure the Earth is warm, then all is fine. The Earths crust is kept warm and the waters underground are kept heated too. Tuscany has seen a surge in geothermal agricultural activity, where farmers are using geothermal power to heat greenhouses. This is proving cost efficient to the farmers. With exploration moving on with the times, drilling depths have now gone from a couple of hundred feet to some going over 3000m deep into the earths core. Required temperatures averaging out at 240 - 250 degree celcius to create the power to supply homes and businesses, it’s important to monitor the temperatures and pressure measurements in the areas drilled.    

Is geothermal energy renewable or non-renewable ?

Over time and depending on how much extraction is carried out, either the temperature underground or the steam pressure will begin to fall. There's the possibility both these may occur. This is where we need to look & ask is geothermal energy renewable or non-renewable and how long for ? Back in the 1970s it was realised that the pressures were not always consistent and steps were put in place to correct this. Water injection tests began in 1979 and the results discovered showed that an enhancement of heat recovery brought about through the boiling of injected water was feasible. Thus in 1984, re-injection of waters discharged from power plants in the local area became an important part of the exploitation strategy, thus showing why is geothermal energy considered a renewable resource. In lay mans terms, forcing the water back into the ground, deep to where the natural heat is, creates the steam pressure to come back upto the surface. This level of pressure helps to maintain the required levels and temperatures, even from time to time pushing up those numbers.        

Why is geothermal energy considered a renewable resource

  In the year 1904 in the Tuscany region of Italy, modern day geothermal energy was being tested. The Lardarello field was to become a focal point in Europe for this source of power. Well over 100 years later, we are still using this source of energy, but the cynics may say a century doesn’t answer why is geothermal energy considered a renewable resource and they may have a valid point. So instead let’s go back another 2,000 years to the times when the Romans were ruling Europe and they had discovered a natural source in the spa baths that they used for relaxation and healing. This was a very crude and basic form of geothermal energy, as they were using natural resources. Maybe that is enough to answer why is geothermal energy considered a renewable resource. In 1904 the test was carried out and 5 light bulbs were all powered up, harnessing the steam from the ground, this was hailed a success and from here Lardarello became a pioneering establishment in the further research into this type of energy. Also known as the Valle del Diavolo ( translates as - Devil's Valley).  

Some geothermal energy history of the area

  Prince Ginori-Conti had managed the experiment to power the 5 lightbulbs using steam in 1904, this began making Tuscany the leading area in further research. Frenchman François de Larderel, who was known for his work in extracting natural resources from the earth, was invited to Italy to further his work, his hosts had thought very highly of him, so they looked to honour him The town Laderello, which is named after him, was chosen to be the site of the first plant in 1911 and a couple of years later was built and ready for production. This small power station would be used to generate electricity for the local railway. This region became a focal point in geothermal energy history of Italy. During World War Two, it was declared an important target and ended up being destroyed in bombing runs by aircraft. Since then the plant has been rebuilt and the Italian love of geothermal energy has made them one of the if not THE driving force in Europe. There’s a Laderello  museum, which even has a 740 meter deep demonstration well which was drilled in 1956 as part of the exhibition. There are millions of homes and businesses who are being supplied geothermal energy and the trend will increase over the coming decades. If you wish to read more about the reasoning is geothermal energy renewable  the paper is an insight into Enel Green Power activities carried out in the five-year period 2010- 2014 in Italy. People will continue to discuss is geothermal energy renewable or nonrenewable looking forward to the future. Hopefully they will confirm that the benefit outweighs the cost is geothermal energy renewable and we can put to be the question of is geothermal energy renewable once and for all.

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